Hey there, I'm Solaris.

About Me

I'm a third year Computing Science student, looking to go into software engineering in the future.
Currently, I'm interested in developing mobile apps and IoT.

Programming Languages


Team News

Software that allows a team to keep up with the news about the area that their team members live in while working remotely.

GitHub Demo
Inferium Calculator

A program where that is used to calculate the total inferium cost of crafting different essences. For the Mystical Agriculture 1.16 Minecraft mod.


A website where users can rate and review music albums.
Contains user authentication.
Made using Django, Bootstrap, and AJAX.

Chef Chateau

A discord game bot where the user farms for ingredients and cooks food to sell in their restaurant. The money from the restaurant can be used to buy upgrades or unlock new areas.

Blahaj Voyage

A text-based adventure game following the journey of Blahaj on their journey towards their destiny.
Made during [MLH Local Hack Day: Learn 2022]

Void Runner

A python script that runs a clone of "TNT Run" in Minecraft, where blocks fall out from under the player's feet as they run.
Made using the Raspberry Jam Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2

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